• Young Chartist

    Young Chartist


    On page 143 of the biography there is a brief reference to Young Chartist, the youth paper of the Socialist Review Group. Many thanks to Mike Pearn for providing details of the contents of the first two issues. The originals can be found in the Richardson Collection (incorporating the papers of Jim Higgins) in the Special Collections at Senate House Library London.

    Young Chartist

    Young Chartist was a short lived duplicated magazine distributed with the Labour League of Youth. It was associated with the Socialist Review group led by Tony Cliff. It was directed by an editorial board of J. Birkitt Northwood LLY, R. Grange Marylebone LLY, H. Morris Wythenshaw LLY and G. Carlson Hampstead LLY.



    Vol 1. No. 1 March 1951

    Published by Jeremy Birkitt from 11, Polar Road, Ashford, Middlesex.


    Editorial   pp. 1-2

    Jazz in Britain and America   pp. 2-3

    Conscription: The Socialist Attitude  G Carlsson  p. 4

    The Key to Conservative Youth  p. 5

    Youth and the Labour Party  p. 6



    Vol.2 No. 2.  June 1951

    Printed by Wm. Ainsworth, 16, Rowdale Road, Birmingham, 22a.

    Published by Jeremy Birkitt, 102, Ducks Hill, Northwood, Middlesex.


    Editorial; The Campaign for a Youth Charter    pp. 1, 3.

    National Conference – Easter, 1951   Jeane Hoban   pp. 2-3

    The Curtain Falls – Review of book edited by Denis Healey  p. 4

    Report on the 14th Conference of the YCL   p. 5

    Film Review    Storm Warning  p.6

    Increased Productivity   p. 7