• Reminiscences from Conor Kostick

    Reminiscences of Cliff from Conor Kostick.


    Cliff 1:

    When I told Cliff my dad was Irish, he told me this joke. A woman comes back home to Ireland after many years away. She says, “mother, I’ve a terrible confession to make. … I’ve become … I’ve become … a prostitute.” At this, the mother faints. When she comes around, the mother says, “tell me again dear, what happened to you?” “I became a prostitute.” “Oh, that’s all right dear, I thought you said Protestant.”


    Cliff 2:

    I was working as a full timer in Birmingham and Cliff visited.

    Me: I have just read Trotsky, attacking Stalin for his ignorance in only knowing four languages. I wish I had two languages even, but I didn’t really pay attention to French in school.

    Cliff: Do you watch TV?

    Me: Huh? A bit. The news mostly. Sometimes there’s a series I like.

    Cliff: Give it up and learn a language.