• Original Members of the Socialist Review Group


    I am most grateful to Stan Newens, who joined the Socialist Review Group in the early 1950s, for this letter, in which he has attempted to identify as many as possible of the founder members of the group.


    Dear Ian,

    I have been thinking who were the original members of the Socialist Review Group and have now arrived at a list of 21, with 3 more possibles.

    London:  Tony Cliff, Chanie Rosenberg, Danny Tait, Jean Tait, Geoff Carlsson, Renee Carlsson, Ralph Shaberman, Renee Shaberman.

    Thames Valley:  Anil Moonesingha (Kumarin), Jeanne Hoban.

    Birmingham: Bill Ainsworth, Percy Downey, Gerry Curran, Peter Morgan, Ken Tarbuck, Rhoda Tarbuck.

    N. Staffs.:  Raymond Challinor.

    Manchester:  Don (Duncan) Hallas, Ted Morris, John Smethurst, Bill Donnelly.

    Others:  Bill Cleminson, Mrs. Ainsworth, Trevor Park ???

    I was not a foundation member of the group, so I was not in a position to know everyone who was a member at the beginning, but Danny Tait was already pulling out when I joined.

    All good wishes.


    27 February 2014