• Camden Road

    On page 133 of my biography I report that the meeting held on  30 September and 1 October 1950, at which the Socialist Review Group was effectively founded, took place at 866a Camden Road, the home of Jean and Danny Tait. I also note that in today’s Camden Road there is no such number as 866.  I took my information from a leaflet announcing the meeting in the Richardson Collection at Senate House, London.

    I have since been informed by Jean and Danny Tait’s children that the number 866a was a mistake, and that their parents lived at 266a Camden Road.. Whether it was a typing error or an attempt to divert hostile attention I do not know.

    In my article in SocialistReview (October 2010) I proposed that after the revolution we should put up a red plaque on the house where the Socialist Review Group was founded.  Obviously this should be done at the correct address.