• 2010: No 4150


    Competition No. 4150

    A bawdy poem attributed to John Milton has been discovered. We’d like newly discovered works by other poets that would make us revise our ideas of that poet.

    I wandered lonely as a cloud,
    And thought that it was such a shame
    I wasn’t standing in a crowd
    Where I could watch a football game.
    So I trudged on for hours and hours,
    And all I saw were dreary flowers.


    It was enough to make me weep;
    My shoes were tight; my feet were sore;
    No company but bleating sheep,
    The countryside is such a bore.
    Drenched to the skin by frequent showers,
    I gladly trampled on the flowers.


    And now, when on my couch I lie,
    In this dull vale where I was born,
    I seldom think of hills or sky
    - I’d sooner read a bit of porn,
    Or take a trip to Alton Towers;
    Oh how I hate all bloody flowers!

    William Wordsworth