• 2016 : No 4433

    Clerihews on people and events currently in the news. Only Andrea Leadsom was published in the NS.


    Nicola Sturgeon

    Is constantly urgin’


    To beware of London-based Anglocentric plots.


    Michael Gove


    His supporters to frenzy by demanding that we withdrew

    …. Then disappeared from view.


    Owen Smith

    Is a bit of a myth;

    One day totally obscure

    - The next, he’s Labour’s wonder cure.


    Theresa May

    Isn’t black or gay;

    But her femininity

    Proves irrefutably the Tory party’s commitment to diversity.


    Johnson (Boris)

    Has been congratulated for his

    Elevation to the post of Foreign Secretary

    By virtually nobody.


    Donald Trump

    Is a lump

    Of useless, worthless, racist shit

    …. And that’s it.


    Andrea Leadsom

    May have bred some

    Truly delightful children, but people don’t seem to think that breeders

    Make better leaders.


    George Osborne

    Might as well never have been born;

    Once he was tipped to rise and rise

    -  Now he’s gone; what a surprise!


    Tony Blair

    Made appearances that were increasingly rare,

    Once Chilcot had spilt

    The beans about his guilt.


    Iain McNicol

    Thinks just a trickle

    Of new members into the Labour Party would be good,

    But not a flood.