• 2005: No 3876


    Competition No 3876

    A Bob Dylan version of a Dylan Thomas poem, or a Dylan Thomas version of a Bob Dylan song.


    Underground Milk Wood


    First Voice:                 Mr Pritchard is in the woodshed,

    Preparing a pipe of asthma mixture.


    Rev. Eli Jenkins:         I’m on the cobblestreets

    Thinking about the Eisteddfod.


    First Voice:                 Myfanwy comes fleet foot

    Face full of bible-black soot.


    Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard: Keep a clean nose,

    Watch out for P.C. Atilla Rees.

    You don’t need a weather forecast

    To know that the slow musical wind is blowing on Llareggub.


    Gossamer Beynon:    He was the brightest boy in school,

    Went to Cambridge University;

    Now they’ve put him on the day shift.


    Rev Eli Jenkins:          Light yourself a candle…


    Mrs Waldo:                …But don’t wear sandals,

    Or what’ll the neighbours say.


    First voice:                 The pump is as desert-dry as an old donkey’s dugs,

    For Nogood Boyo and his pals have stolen the handles.