• 2002: No 3730


    Competition No 3730

    Pithy morals for great classic films.


    Casablanca : Never say ‘play it’ again.

    Death in Venice : Avoid Venice like the plague.

    Moulin Rouge (1953 version with José Ferrer)  Better live on our feet than die on our knees.

    The Birds : Don’t feed the pigeons.

    Some Like it Hot :  Some don’t like it ‘het’.

    Genevieve : Get a new car.

    Vertigo : Try to avoid dropping off

    Snow White : You don’t always have to try to be fair.

    Rope : Don’t keep your friends hanging around.

    Un Chien Andalou : Wear proper eye protection.

    Psycho : Please leave the shower as you would like to find it.

    The Man with the Golden Arm : Just say ‘No’.

    The Third Man : Don’t let a profitable business go down the sewer.

    From Russia with Love : Stiletto heels, not stiletto toes.

    Germinal : Coal not dole.

    Platoon : Don’t be a soldier.

    The Dambusters : Ban the bomb.

    Dr Strangelove : Carry on worrying.

    Carry On up the Khyber : Stop the war in Afghanistan.

    Doctor in the House : NHS reform needed.

    Around the World in Eighty Days : Don’t Travel by Virgin.

    E.T. : Try slug death.

    The Purple Rose of Cairo : Stay in your place when you’re in the cinema.

    Gone With the Wind : Slave-owners deserve all they get.

    Strangers on a Train   Never talk to strange men.

    Bicycle Thieves : Always use a padlock.

    The Battleship Potemkin : You have a right to decent food.

    Jaws : Never drink water; fish kill in it.

    Babe : Have a bacon sandwich.

    Last Year at Marienbad : Try not to lose the plot.

    High Noon : Keep track of the time.