• 2002: No 3727


    Competition No 3727

    Heartsearch ads for famous political or literary characters.


    Young man, slight limp but otherwise in good health, romantic temperament (I’m a sucker for fortune-tellers) WLTM older lady, perhaps widow, with motherly temperament, for LTR and raising a family. Thebes area.


    Straightforward kind of guy, loves travel, WLTM American President for ‘special relationship’ (I love to be dominated). Damascus/Islamabad/Crawford Texas areas.


    Bit of a devil, confirmed smoker,  seeks someone who’s a bit bored but has got soul and is prepared to give it away in return for the  pleasures of this life. Will travel anywhere within reach of the underground.


    Female carer, with aristocratic connections WLTM someone used to the outdoor life – perhaps a gamekeeper – for countryside pursuits, maybe more. I love languages, and would like to expand my Anglo-Saxon vocabulary. Nottingham area.