• 1999: No 3573


    Competition No 3573

    An extract from a Mill & Boon novel featuring a well-known member of the Labour Party.


    The chauffeur-driven Jaguar drew to a halt. Toni contemplated the mansion, silhouetted against the deep blue evening sky. So this was Rupert’s home! Its sheer size, the magnificence of the architecture left her stunned. This would be  something to tell Clare and Harriet about.

    She couldn’t help remembering Peter’s shabby, cramped little house in Notting Hill. What a contrast! She was not a snob; deep down she believed that, in a peculiar way that had nothing to do with wealth or possessions, all human beings were equal. But now she knew that Peter was banished from her life for ever. Rupert would always be her one true love, and she would submit to his every demand.

    She cast an eye over the valuable Chinese treasures that adorned the entrance. But Rupert led her straight upstairs; this was the magic moment when she would become wholly his possession.

    Rupert preceded her up the magnificent staircase. He was a tall, powerfully built man, and she found directly in front of her face that part of his splendid anatomy that had always held the most attraction for her. As she followed him, her tongue quivered with a little frisson of delightful anticipation.