• 2019: Corbyn and “Marxism”

    Corbyn and “Marxism”

    Letter sent to Socialist Worker 5/3/19, but not published

    Dear Editor,

    I was interested to read Nick Clark’s review of Tom Bower’s biography of Jeremy Corbyn (SW 2644) – a book I shall NOT be buying. Apparently Bower claims Corbyn is a Marxist.

    I once heard Corbyn lecture (to Haringey Trades Council) on William Morris. He spoke for over an hour and never at any point mentioned the (very well-known) historical fact that Morris was a Marxist. When I asked him about this omission he seemed confused and mumbled that he “didn’t know” why he had not referred to it.

    Bower wouldn’t recognise a Marxist if one ran up his trouser leg. Corbyn is no more a Marxist than I am a freemason.

    Ian Birchall

    Edmonton, North London

    5 March 2019